We handcraft luxury artisan chocolates in the UK using only natural ingredients and a very unique method that delivers exceptional layers of flavour. We like to be different. We like to make people smile. We like the little luxuries in life.


Ben Axford has chocolate running through his veins. He spent most of his childhood growing up in Brussels and raiding his parents' stash of luxury chocolate. But a law degree, headhunting, a cheese & wine business, and getting to the final of Masterchef all came before he finally decided to stop pinching other people's chocolate and make some of his own.  

We use only natural ingredients. Every chocolate is handcrafted and individually decorated before being placed into luxury handmade gift boxes.  When planning his artisan chocolate company Ben wanted to create not only a unique and exceptional flavour experience but also to present the chocolates beautifully to make the recipient feel special.  As a chocolate gift they are designed with one thing in mind - to put a huge smile on the lucky person who receives one. 

Our Founding Principles are:

Exceptional flavour – bold, elegant and distinct

Integrity -  in the quality of the product, the ingredients, and our dealings with our customers

Purity – keeping the product as close to nature as possible

Quality – providing the best chocolate gifts – consistently!

Delight – ensuring our chocolates give rise to smiles and the occasional squeal of joy

Welcoming workplace – to provide an enjoyable, stimulating and motivational workplace for all employees