Lemon & Pinenut

Memories of a summer travelling down the Amalfi coast come flooding back with this combination. A lemon and pinenut tart eaten with a shot limoncello over a lemon sorbet.

We've all got memories of lemon.  Such a tart fruit leaves its mark on the mind as well as the tongue.  Perhaps it was that first ever lemon meringue pie you tasted,  fresh lemonade of a stiffling day, Mum telling you to stop eating lemon curd straight from the jar, or that perfect little tarte au citron shared with someone special. 

Lemon is vibrancy, it's alive, effervescent, sharp, awakening, it demands to be acknowledged.  Something earthy and woody is needed as the baseline to lemons' topnotes, and pinenuts fit the role a treat.  With all that sharpness the inherent sweetness of silky smooth white chocolate is the perfect ganache into which to incoporate those flavours.  Our Italian Lemon & Pinenut chocolate is available in our     Silk Road, Favourites & Collection Chocolate Gift Boxes as well as in our Chocolate Wedding Favours Boxes