Muscovado Salted Caramel

In the last 3 years or so, it has almost become de rigeur for chocolatiers to have a salted caramel chocolate in their repertoire. But memories of salted caramel hark back to long before that for me, and a school trip to Normandy.


It was there, back in the 80’s, that I first tasted the traditional salted caramels which were naturally seasoned using sea water.  These weren’t chocolates, but more akin to a soft toffee. The sweet buttery caramel balanced perfectly with a hint of minerally salt.  Soooooo delicious and moreish…..perhaps I should start making these and selling them.  Surprisingly it’s taken more than a little time for the trend to catch on over here, but catch on it has.  And whilst I had always intended to have a sumptuous salted caramel chocolate seasoned with my favourite salt – Fleur de Sel de Camargue, I felt that some kind of variation around the theme would be fun.  Flavouring the caramel with spices or fruit was one possibility, but what about changing the sugar.  An early attempt with Muscovado sugar proved fruitful, with its notes reminiscent of sticky toffee pudding, molasses and bonfire night.  After some tweaking and the addition of some Maldon sea salt the ganache came together. The feedback from 40 tasters was a resounding yum!  And so it made it into our salted caramel chocolate giftbox collection, and with good reason, as it picked up a Silver Medal at the Academy of Chocolate Awards in March 2013, just four months after launching.

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