Stout & Malted Milk

I thought I recollected my Grandma and her friends drinking stout with milk when I was a young boy. But during my research I wasn't sure whether this childhood memory was actually me mishearing "milk stout", which is a type of sweet stout. Either way stout and milk was embedded in my mind from an early age.

Some years ago I cooked a chocolate & stout cake, the slight malt barley bitterness gave the cake that little something extra.  I served it with a sour cream frosting at first, which, playing on the maltiness of the stout eventually evolved into a malted milk topping. The final version was a delight, and that flavour combination, now firmly proved, wound it's way into my chocolate collection.  So Grandma, whether you drank stout and milk, or milk stout, thanks for sowing the seed.

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