Re-growing Easter Egg!!


UK chocolate company have created an Easter Egg which re-grows itself. Owner Ben Axford stumbled across the discovery when using a new decorative coating for his company's Easter egg cocoa pods which contained microscopic edible zinc particles. He left some of the pods in a fridge which turned out to be faulty, the following morning 1 pod had grown an additional 2 pods on its side. Ben says he was hugely excited and stunned by the discovery. Although the science behind it is not yet fully understood, it is believed the short-circuiting of the fridge which led to raised temperature and an electrostatic charge contributed to cell regeneration of the cacao structure. Professor James Gelmour of University College for Food Science & Technology said the discovery was the most exciting in a generation and could hold the key to addressing future food shortages. Benjamin Chocolatier has already received a seven figure investment offer from a major venture capital firm, although Mr Axford says he will take his time to consider all investment opportunities and the best way forward for his discovery