How to temper chocolate

Find out here how to quickly temper chocolate using the seeding method. You'll need to temper chocolate if you want that glossy shine and snap to your finished chocolates, truffles or bars, or for any chocolate you pour into moulds.

You will need:  a microwave, a plastic bowl, a spatula, a thermometer and of course some chocolate drops.

1) Place 4/5ths of the overall amount of chocolate you want to temper into the platic bowl and microwave on full heat in blast of 30 secs, turning and shaking the bowl after each 30 second interval.  When the chocolate starts to melt, stir and carry on microwaving in 15 secs bursts until fully melted and the temperature is 45c for dark chocolate / 40c for milk & white chocolate

2) Remove the bowl from the microwave and add the remaining 5th of the chocolate drops, stir continuosly (ok you can have a little rest for a moment or two) until the chocolate hits 32c for dark / 29c for milk & white

3) Your chocolate should now be smooth, glossy, and without any fat streaks visible on the surface when you stir it. It should now be tempered and ready to use. 

4) When using the chocolate the temperature will drop, so keep a eye on it, and microwave for 2-3 seconds to raise the temp back to 32c for dark/ 29c for milk or white.  A hair dryer can also be used to gently do the same job.