Luxury Chocolate Pots

Silky rich chocolate pot recipe from our demonstration at the Cheltenham Food Festival.

The simplest chocolate dessert you could dream of making

Ingredients - Serves 4

100g dark chocolate

250ml double cream

40g light muscovado sugar

1 tsp vanilla paste

1 egg (at room temperature)

6 spoonfuls of salted caramel spread (optional)

Crushed coffee beans, nuts or cocoa nibs to garnish


1. Place the cream and sugar in a pan and heat until the cream comes up to the boil and the sugar is dissolved. Put the chocolate in a bowl and pour over the cream mixture and add the vanilla.  Stir until glossy and incorporated.  At this stage you could add a dash of alcohol of your choice to flavour the pots

2. Allow the mixture to cool for a few minutes then mix in the egg until the mixture is glossy.

3. Place a spoonful of salted caramel spread at the bottom of your serving pots.  Pour the chocolate mixture over and garnish the top with, cocoa nibs, crushed chocolate coffee beans, or toasted nuts.  Chill in the fridge overnight.

Simple, no?